Swan Valley Private Wine Tours

GranTourismo is located in Perth, Western Australia. We offer personal tours to the Swan Valley's Food & Wine district. Enjoy a relaxing day of wine tasting, craft beers and distilleries. Plus some great foodie spots where you can enjoy local olives, cheeses, chocolate, honey, nougat, nuts and coffee.

For small groups with 2-3 people, we travel in a luxury Range Rover Sport. A totally decadent touring experience, and a whole lot nicer than an old tour bus. Our tours are designed for the luxury traveller who wants something totally indulgent, with the highest service level possible.

Range Rover Sports

For small groups between 4-7 people, we travel in a luxury Mercedes Benz V-Class van. Fully leather interior with limo tint. Still a whole lot nicer than an old tour bus. Our tours are for people 'who don't do tours'.

Mercedes V-Class

Each of our tours are hand crafted to suit your personal preferences, ensuring a more intimate and customised experience. We'll show you the best wines and the most delicious gourmet food in the Swan Valley – all on Perth's doorstep.

The beauty of our private touring is that you can often change the plan as you go. While we might start with a suggested itinerary, you can adjust this on the fly depending on what you enjoy the most. If you're having a fantastic time somewhere, we can stay there longer. If a place is too crowded, we can move on immediately. You're in control the whole time!

Private Luxury Wine Tours

GranTourismo's personalised tours start from 4-hours, through to a whole day (8-hours). Tours run each day of the week (subject to vehicle availability). Weekends tend to be quite busy in the valley, so midweek tours are highly recommended.

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